Crown: Your Ascent, Your Impact, Your Legacy

At the core of Invictae pulses the heartbeat of enablement, where African female business titans and high-net-worth women converge to pioneer a redefined realm of success. Never content with prevailing norms, our community thrives on elevating and amplifying the extraordinary talents within its ranks. In this dynamic arena, Crown emerges as our flagship offering—a beacon of fortitude, ingenuity, and eminence.

The term « Crown » signifies the highest level of distinction and authority, reflecting our commitment to providing services fit for royalty. It symbolizes our dedication to empowering our clients to reign supreme in their endeavors, guiding them towards their goals with regal precision and sophistication.

Our Distinctive Offerings:

Crown Fundraising:

Get access to the resources needed to reach the top. Our customized capital solutions are designed to align seamlessly with your unique goals, ensuring nothing stands between you and your dreams.

Crown Advocacy:

Amplify your voice and vision on a global stage, spearheading transformative change and sculpting the future of African business through strategic advocacy and collaborative partnerships. Together, we shape destinies and redefine possibilities.

Crown Advisory:

Navigate the intricate pathways of entrepreneurship with confidence. Our bespoke consultancy services are designed to realize your full capacity, allowing you to chart a course to greatness with clarity and precision.

Citizenship by Investment:

Boundless horizons. Seize global opportunities with streamlined pathways to citizenship. Empowering you to extend your influence and impact, these pathways allow you to thrive on a global scale.