Inner Circle:
Embrace Your Core


Here, amidst the whispers of ambition and the echoes of success, we unite as sisters in purpose, embracing our individuality and defining new paradigms of achievement. Step into the Inner Circle, where discretion meets innovation and trust intertwines with growth. United by a shared vision of prosperity and impact, we support each other as Invictae—architects of our fate, unafraid to chart our course.


Welcome Home.

Discover our community

1. Personal Advisory Board


Forge alliances with handpicked advocates, advisors, and industry titans within our prestigious Invictae ecosystem. Receive bespoke guidance and strategic insights on demand, tailor-made for your ascent.

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Within the Inner Circle, each member has the opportunity to align with a handpicked team of Invictae advocates, advisors and members within our ecosystem. This bespoke advisory board comprises seasoned industry mavens, entrepreneurial giants, and influential thought leaders. Through personalized guidance, strategic insights, and actionable advice tailored to your unique journey, these advisors enhance your path to success. Whether through intimate one-on-one sessions or dynamic group discussions, members receive invaluable support to navigate complexities, seize opportunities, and conquer challenges.

2. Curated Peer Groups


Join forces with kindred spirits in meticulously crafted cohorts. Engage in candid dialogue and collaborative learning, cultivating bonds that defy limits.

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Tap into the Invictae spirit as needed. Thoughtfully assembled based on shared passions, industry focus, or personal aspirations, Inner Circle peer groups serve as sanctuaries for authentic dialogue, peer-to-peer learning, and collaborative growth. These self-nurtured circles foster meaningful exchanges and wisdom while they cultivate resilience, empowering collective evolution and shared prosperity. Forget about constraints—set your tempo, determine your rhythm, and chart your own course.

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3. Pop-up Clubhouses


Indulge in exclusive experiences at ephemeral yet vibrant locales across select African cities. Immerse yourself in authentic connections and serendipitous encounters.

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Within these ephemeral yet vibrant spaces, members plunge in curated experiences ranging from captivating exchanges and original intimate gatherings to interactive workshops and invigorating activities. Focused on fostering genuine connections and a sense of belonging, our pop up clubhouses create memorable encounters and opportunities for serendipitous alliances among members. Spontaneity, surprise, substance… who knows if the next pop up clubhouse will not happen just minutes away from where you are or on the plane next week!

Stay updated on the upcoming pop up clubhouses through our newsletter and website.

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4. Regional Sororities


Ignite change within Invictae sororities spanning East, Southern, North, West & Central Africa and more. Lead local initiatives and leave an indelible mark on your community.

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Recognizing the power of regional networks, the Inner Circle establishes Invictae sororities led by esteemed leaders within each locale: East, Southern, North, West & Central Africa with an in country focus in Nigeria, South Africa, USA & UAE. These hubs serve as catalysts for collaboration, mentorship, and advocacy, enabling members to engage in local initiatives, community outreach, and meaningful contributions. Strengthen bonds, leave your imprint, and shape the fabric of your community within these circles of influence.

5. Creative Synergies


Harness the collective genius of the Inner Circle to propel your endeavors to new heights. Discover transformative partnerships fueled by shared vision and unwavering resolve.

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Through facilitated collaborations and strategic alignments, our community offers opportunities for symbiotic partnerships, joint ventures, and transformative alliances

6. Co-Investment Initiatives


Join hands with fellow members to invest in ventures driving Africa’s economic and social resurgence. Be a catalyst for change, leaving a legacy that echoes across generations.

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Through collaborative ventures, identify strategic investment opportunities aligned with your aspirations. Whether supporting budding entrepreneurs, championing sustainable ventures, or spearheading transformative projects, co-investment initiatives empower members to make tangible contributions and leave lasting legacies in their communities.

Creating synergies

With the Inner Circle, you are always sitting at the Centre.

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