Behind every African female business titan stand 100 powerful women.

It starts here.

We are Invictae

We create visibility and cutting-edge impact for African, female captains of industry. Whilst delivering record-breaking opportunities to international investors and partners. Together, we are changing the face of African mega-investment as we know it.

Elite network

Africa’s iconic businesswomen and high-net-worth individuals. A selection of the world best investment and gender funds available on demand.

Enabling impact ecosystem

Fully-fledged fundraising services.
Impact programmes, state-of-the-art business models, events & tools.

Affordable, large-scale capital inflow

The result of many decades experience in providing creative turnkey investment solutions.

International & continental reach

Our connections and expertise run wide and deep, through major and emerging sectors from Bulawayo to Zurich.

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We champion
iconic capital

Iconic capital is comprised of African female business industrialists with the vision, the scale and the resources to bring untold opportunities to the international business arena.
In partnership with top international investors, they deliver giga-investment and unprecedented performance, particularly in private-sector investment.

We exist to dismantle their barriers to global finance, because Africa cannot afford to see them silenced.


They are leading billion USD empires.
They are thriving in sectors, vital to Africa’s growth (mining, transportation, aviation, energy, manufacturing, security and more).

They are Nigerian, Moroccan, Botswanan, Zimbabwean, Cameroonian, Ivorian, South African etcetera, fostering cross regional cooperation.

Their combined net-worth, exceeding some small countries, is a result of their consistency, acumen and lifelong ambitions of scale.




What’s more, they are far from done.

Become a benefactor

Invictae extends an exclusive invitation to discerning benefactors who appreciate the transformative power of their support. We seek esteemed patrons bold enough to enrich and enhance our legacy.

What We Offer:


      • Distinguished Network Access: Connect with Africa’s foremost female leaders in industry and commerce. Forge meaningful connections that transcend borders.


      • Global Influence and Partnerships: Access top-tier global investors and collaborators, aligning with our vision for sustainable growth and empowerment in the African private sector.


      • Knowledge and Insight: Gain exclusive resources and expert insights from the front lines of African investment to drive informed decisions and catalyze impactful change.


      • Inspiration and Enrichment: Experience the narratives of trailblazing leaders, icons, and legends, defining our shared journey towards progress and prosperity.


Seize the opportunity to become a benefactor of Invictae and embark on a path of mutual enrichment, influence, and legacy-building.