Welcome to the
Invictae Collection

A testament to discernment and dedication


Why a collection? Simple—it embodies choice. From Ghana’s lush cocoa plantations to South Africa’s manganese mines, from container fleets navigating the Indian Ocean to the comfort of your home, we’ve traversed Africa’s landscapes to immerse ourselves in your world, hear your voice, and grasp your aspirations. The result? An impeccably curated selection of impact drivers, tools, and services, finely tuned to fuel your ambitions.

Because you’re not just prominent businesswomen; you’re Invictae—deserving offerings that elevate your remarkable performance.
Because, alongside you, we believe the journey is far from over.

The Invictae Collection is designed to:


Turbocharge your business with Crown—our hub of fundraising, advisory, advocacy, and Citizenship by Investment services, propelling your endeavors to unprecedented heights.


Magnify & Herald:

Shine brightly with our Tales of Glory offering, crafting your personal branding and showcasing your journey, achievements, and causes.



Enrich your knowledge and nourish your spirit with Vera Vita—our learning expedition fostering African market knowledge, high-level networking, and personal replenishment.



Here’s to a holistic approach perfectly aligned with your vision.

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