Unveiling Hidden Titans:
Tales of Glory


Ever heard of Daphne Mashile-Ngosi, Divine Ndhlukula, or Folorunsho Alakija? These remarkable female industrialists have reshaped the African business landscape, yet their achievements often go unnoticed. Effective communication is the key to recognition and empowerment in the realm of African female leadership.

Personal Branding Suite


Your Personal Brand. Our bespoke branding suite elevates your presence with identity markers custom-fit to your essence and mission:


    • Brand Platform: Defines your essence, mission, and market positioning.


    • Editorial Style Guide: Sets the tone and messaging guidelines for coherence.


    • Visual & Digital Style Guide: Strengthens your brand identity with visual directives.


    • Audio Identity: Enhances brand recall with a distinctive auditory emblem.


    • Playbook and Other Brand Assets: Propel your brand’s ascent with tailored resources.

Branded Documentaries


Our Invictae branded documentaries amplify your story with factual accuracy and riveting narratives, leaving an indelible legacy.


Cinematic and Evocative Voyage:

Engages and inspires viewers with insightful interviews, breathtaking visuals, and expert narration.

Elevated Narrative Craftsmanship


We articulate dynamic narratives across various mediums, igniting resonance and visibility within your target ecosystem:


    • Content Strategy


    • Copywriting


    • Content Generation


    • Public Relations & Media Relations

Media Mastery for Female Titans of Industry


Our media training empowers you to engage with the media in a captivating, inspiring, and impeccably professional manner:

Comprehensive Program:

Includes real-camera training, mock interviews, and simulated press conferences.

Prepare to Command the Spotlight!


Tales of Glory provides the essential assets to heighten your growth. Reach out and let’s make history.

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