Cementing Legacies:
Crown Advocacy


A staggering $42 billion USD financing gap for African women underscores the urgent need for change. Despite efforts, barriers like prohibitive interest rates persist, hindering women’s full participation in private sector growth.
As Invictae members and industry leaders, we reject the status quo. Launching Crown Advocacy—a dedicated force amplifying our voices and expertise alongside advocates for equal access to funds and opportunities for exceptional businesswomen.

What is Crown Advocacy?


Led by founder Valerie Neim, Crown Advocacy harnesses our influential network to champion increased investment opportunities for women in Africa. Engagements include speaking opportunities, event participation, strategic lobbying, and knowledge sharing.

Key Benefits:


    • Access to a prestigious network of African female industrialists for expert guidance and support.
    • Tailored assistance in speaking engagements, expertise sharing, event participation, lobbying efforts, and more.
    • Strategic advocacy to advance investment opportunities for exceptional female business leaders.
    • Flexible pricing structure, with the possibility of free advocacy based on project scope.

Pricing Structure:


Crown Advocacy operates as a paid service to fuel community projects for female business leaders in Africa. Certain projects may be accepted free of charge based on scope and nature.

Join Us in Pioneering Change


Crown Advocacy invites you to join us in reshaping the trajectory of female entrepreneurship in Africa. For inquiries and collaboration, reach out to our Advocacy team at
[email protected]