Welcome to
the beginning of a journey
10000 battles long.

We are honoured and immensely grateful to welcome our iconic guests to the launch of Invictae.

Our road to Geneva has been a long one, and so we are even more grateful to our partners, associates and supporters for joining us at our beginning.

“I feel a deep sense of gratitude, relief and purpose today. Finally the world will know about the potential of Africa’s female industrial elite to transform mega-investment in Africa”.

V. Neim

Invictae founder


for thought

Our menu told the story of Invictae in 3 courses: Swimming against the current, the decision to take on the status quo. The Black sheep, being excluded from the flow of FDI in Africa for too long. High hanging fruit, mega-investment-ready projects for global investors.

Invictae’s poem
by Pascal Gally

That elusive, unconquerable spirit in the heart of Invictae and our allies, echoes in the suave poem narrated by our modern bard.

The Gift
of Legacy

The Invictae NFT Legacy Members Card is indestructible and impervious to time. It symbolizes the bonds, the friendships, and the ecosystems we are creating in Geneva and beyond, without it legacy is impossible.


The poetic escape following our Gala evening with some of our overseas guests. Lunch at La Réserve.

« Let’s speak to see how to advance the relationships with Africa. »
Jacques Folly

Economic Development Delegate
for Retail business

« Wonderful initiative! »

Alain Canonica

Financial Aspects

« Your passion is contagious and I can feel a divine devotion. »

Norman Nicolau

Venture Capitalist

« Synergies to be created I like this! »

Emilie Hawlena

Genuine Women

« Simply well done. »

Renato Del Grosso

Cube Labs