Catalyzing Africa’s Female Titans:

A Visionary Journey with Valerie Neim, Founder of Invictae

Valerie Nem

Catalyzing Africa’s Female Titans: A Visionary Journey with Valerie Neim, Founder of Invictae

1. Can you share the inspiration behind founding Invictae and the mission driving your work, particularly in empowering Africa’s female captains of industry who often operate in the shadows?

Valerie Neim: Invictae was born out of a realization that despite the remarkable achievements of African female business leaders, there remained significant barriers to accessing international investment. Conversations with fellow high-net-worth women underscored this challenge. We recognized the need for a platform that not only celebrated our successes but also provided tangible avenues for growth and collaboration. Thus, Invictae emerged as a private impact community dedicated to catalyzing Africa’s economic potential by empowering its female leaders, who often operate in the shadows despite leading business empires on the continent.

2. The Invictae Collection seems like a comprehensive suite of tools and services tailored for African female captains of industry. Could you elaborate on the genesis of The Invictae Collection and its key components?

Valerie Neim: Absolutely. The Invictae Collection represents our commitment to providing tailored solutions that address the unique needs of African female business leaders. From fundraising to personal branding and continuous learning, each component of The Invictae Collection is designed to potentiate, magnify, and edify our members. It’s about recognizing that our journey is multifaceted, and success encompasses not just financial prosperity but also personal growth and societal impact.


3. Could you walk us through one of the key offerings within The Invictae Collection, such as Crown? How does it empower African female captains of industry to achieve their aspirations, particularly in providing access to large-scale and affordable capital, something female industrialists often struggle with?

Valerie Neim: Crown is indeed one of our flagship offerings within The Invictae Collection. It encompasses a range of services aimed at catalyzing the ascent, impact, and legacy of African female business leaders. One of the most crucial aspects of Crown is its focus on providing access to large-scale and affordable capital. We recognize the challenges that female industrialists often face in securing funding for their ventures, and Crown seeks to address this head-on. By facilitating access to capital, we empower African female captains of industry to realize their aspirations and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.


4. As you prepare to launch The Invictae Collection and host The Queendom Experience in Kigali, what are your hopes for the impact these initiatives will have on the African business landscape?

Valerie Neim: Our aspirations are twofold. Firstly, we aim to catalyze tangible economic growth by facilitating access to capital, fostering regional collaborations, and driving innovation across key industries. Secondly, we seek to inspire a new generation of African female business leaders who lead with confidence, integrity, and a commitment to excellence. The Queendom Experience in Kigali represents a pivotal moment in our journey—a celebration of African ingenuity, resilience, and limitless potential.


5. Looking ahead, what do you envision as the future trajectory of Invictae and its role in shaping both Africa’s economic narrative and addressing global challenges?

Valerie Neim: Our vision for Invictae extends beyond the borders of Africa. While we are deeply committed to driving economic growth and support on the continent, we also recognize the interconnectedness of global challenges. In today’s increasingly complex world, where crises such as climate change, pandemics, and socio-economic disparities require collective action, African female captains of industry have a vital role to play. We envision Invictae as a catalyst for not only African prosperity but also global resilience and innovation. By leveraging our collective expertise, resources, and networks, we aim to address pressing global challenges and contribute to a more equitable and sustainable world for all.


6. The Queendom Experience will take place in Kigali. Why Kigali, and what inspired the choice of the name “Queendom” for the event?

Valerie Neim: Kigali holds a special place in our hearts for several reasons. It’s a city that embodies progress, inclusivity, and visionary leadership—a fitting backdrop for an event that celebrates African female excellence and empowerment. Moreover, Rwanda’s remarkable journey of transformation under the leadership of President Paul Kagame serves as an inspiration to us all. The choice of “Queendom” reflects our belief in the power and potential of African women to lead, innovate, and effect change. It’s a nod to the regal strength, resilience, and grace that define our community—a community of queens, poised to shape the future of Africa and the world.


7. The Invictae Collection includes Vera Vita, described as a learning expedition fostering African market knowledge, high-level networking, and personal replenishment. How does Vera Vita differentiate itself from existing offerings in the market?

Valerie Neim: Vera Vita represents our commitment to continuous learning and personal growth—a cornerstone of the Invictae ethos. What sets Vera Vita apart is its holistic approach to knowledge acquisition and networking. While there are certainly other platforms offering educational resources and networking opportunities, Vera Vita goes beyond traditional models by combining curated content on African markets with high-level networking events and opportunities for personal replenishment.

Moreover, we recognize that many African female captains of industry have yet to venture outside their borders to explore business opportunities, despite the countless untapped markets within Africa itself. Vera Vita seeks to address this gap by providing a platform for our members to gain insights into these unknown markets, fostering a spirit of exploration and innovation. We believe that by equipping our members with the knowledge and confidence to expand their horizons, Vera Vita can unlock new avenues of growth and opportunity for African female business leaders.



In conclusion, Invictae stands as a beacon of support and opportunity for African female captains of industry. Through initiatives like Crown, Tales of Glory, and Vera Vita, Invictae is equipping these leaders with the tools and resources they need to thrive in their endeavors.

As we anticipate The Queendom Experience and The Invictae Collection, it’s evident that Invictae is not only driving meaningful change within African business but also shaping global narratives of empowerment and innovation.

Here’s to Invictae, leading the way towards a future where African female captains of industry stand at the forefront of economic progress and societal impact.